CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring

At MCD we don’t just install the CCTV but also keep an active role in keeping your business safe. We offer remote CCTV monitoring for anything from anywhere.

We can monitor a whole range of places from warehouses, schools, business facilities, supermarkets and also fridge freezers in supermarkets and many other different types of environments.


Using the latest CCTV Monitoring Surveillance System, MCD can keep your premises secure remotely from an off-site location.

How the System Works

CCTV Systems are employed to monitor and provide visual surveillance over specific areas. These areas are surveilled by cameras which, upon motion detection or triggered by an intruder detection device, are activated and can transmit the images to our Monitoring Centre where our operators are able to remotely investigate the site through our Sentinel Plus Monitoring platform

Key Benefits